AI-Powered Contract Lifecycle Management Software

One stop solution for creating, executing and managing complex digital contracts, with ease!

What is iContract?

iContract is an automated contract lifecycle management software that optimizes the contract journey from contract requests to renewals and everything in between.

iContract’s contracting platform enables frictionless collaboration across teams, helps maximize contract utilization and prepares you for unprecedented risks.

What’s Your CLM Priority?

Faster Frictionless Contracting

Faster Frictionless

Create complex workflows with ease and collaborate and negotiate with multiple parties faster than ever before
Secure Digital contracts

Secure Digital

Organize fragmented contracts in a secure, centralized repository with configurable access and powerful keyword search
Mitigate Risks


Capitalize on actionable metadata and advanced analytics to gain unprecedented visibility into contract risks

With iContract, you stay one step ahead. Always!

Fulfil your need for speed

Fulfil your need for speed

Empower users to be thorough without being slow

  • No-code workflow creation capabilities gives you the upper hand over complex workflows
  • Geography & industry specific template & clause libraries for quick authoring
  • User-friendly interface for increased contract creation efficiency with WordConnect

Get everyone to participate

Collaborate and negotiate in a secure environment

  • Parallel & ad hoc review capability to accelerate contracting
  • Configurable access controls for safeguarding sensitive information
  • Comprehensive audit trail, version management and side-by-side version comparisons during negotiation
Get everyone to participate
Single source of truth

Single source of truth

Digitize and maintain contracts on a single secure storage platform

  • Enterprise-wide quick access to contract data
  • Smart contract warehouse with user defined access controls
  • Locate contracts, clauses or phrases within contracts easily with advanced free-text / metadata search capabilities.

Get ahead of risks

Effectively track contract obligations to utilization

  • Easily configure alerts & reminders and notify stakeholders of upcoming milestones
  • Drive real savings by boosting compliance and tracking utilization
  • Keep an eye on obligations and related financial impact
Get ahead of risks

the power of
AI-powered iContract

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