Preferred Contract Lifecycle Management Software for Manufacturing Sector

Agile and compliant contracting for Manufacturing Enterprises

  • Recognized as Leader for the 3rd time in a row in the Forrester WaveTM Contract Lifecycle Management, Zycus provides CLM solutions built for Enterprises in the Manufacturing industry.
  • With our Artificial Intelligence-enabled contracting technology, legal teams in Manufacturing can reduce supply chain risk, fast-track cycle times and improve customer and supplier relationships.
  • Our solution also helps legal teams stay on top of manufacturing regulations such as OSHA, HACCP, FDA, EPA, and International Standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 13845), among others.

CLM challenges faced by Manufacturing Enteprises

Large volumes of contracts

Large volumes of

makes it difficult to ensure all contracts are accurate,error-free and compliant
Lack of visibility

Lack of

into contracts exposes legal teams to missed obligations and payments, as well as delays in renewals
Process silos


due to lack of collaboration and integrations leads to increased time-to-market
Lack of Compliance

Lack of

amidst shift in reguations, dynamic supply chains and introduction of new technologies

How we solve
your business challenges

Draft contracts easily

Draft contracts easily
with user-friendly templates, clause libraries & external template support

Access supplier performance

Access supplier performance
from past contracts, and analyze risks involved in supplier contracts

Mitigate contractual risks

Mitigate contractual risks
by identifying potentially risky clauses such as Force Majeure and benchmarking against industry standards using AI

Track contract milestones

Track contract milestones
to never miss payments, obligations and expiry dates

Control pricing and reduce spend

Control pricing and reduce spend
with analytics on contract utilization, indexed vs non-indexed contracts

Maintain positive

Maintain positive buy-side as well as sell-side relationships
with on-time contract delivery

Integrations to fast-track business operations



Fetch raw material prices from third-party index and augment third-party supplier data provider


Fast-track contract creation by originating contract initiation process directly from a sourcing event

the power of
AI-powered iContract

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