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Agile and compliant contracting for Financial Enterprises

The Financial Services industry navigates a very complex contracting landscape. Financial tech is growing faster than ever, and as more and more financial processes happen online with cloud-based banking, financial services continue to grapple with highly dynamic issues and challenges, advancements in cybersecurity laws, increased risks of a data breach and non-compliance, and more. Zycus, a 3rd time in a row leader in the Forrester WaveTM Contract Lifecycle Management is ideally positioned to help Enterprises in the Financial Services industry with their contracting needs.

Key Contract Management Challenges in the Financial Services Industry

Financial transactions

Financial transactions

form the backbone of all business, and the stringent and ever-changing set of regulations means that firms need to always have a tight grip and 360-degree visibility of their contracts.
Keeping up

At-risk relationships

with contracting parties can expose a business to major financial and legal implications. It is vital to ensure all existing vendor, client, and partner relationships are always in line with the latest regulatory requirements.
Cost overruns


missed milestones and obligations, off-contract spends, under-delivery on contracted terms, etc. take a direct hit on a firm's bottom line. Finance needs to be able to access, analyze and report on these metrics to ensure profitability.
Financial repercussions

Financial repercussions

of force majeure, data breach, etc. especially amidst growing global uncertainty necessitate a complete view and understanding of payment terms, and subsequent safety nets.

How we
solve your business challenges:

Identify contract risks

contract risks

at the clause level with the help of AI-extracted metadata, that helps benchmark agreements against organizations’ best practices and highlight review scores at the contract level.

Track important financial

important financial

contract milestones to never miss payments, obligations, and expiry dates.

Control pricing

Control pricing and reduce maverick
spend with analytics on contract utilization, indexed vs non-indexed contract, contracted vendors and suppliers.

Easily access and manage

access and manage

all supporting and regulatory documents with contracting parties to ensure 360-degree visibility and complete regulatory compliance.

Integrations to fast-track business operations



Fast-track contract creation by originating contract initiation process directly from a sourcing event


Get complete visibility into potential risks in contracts along with suggestions to mitigate them to achieve 100% process compliance.

the power of
AI-powered iContract

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