Preferred Contract Lifecycle Management Software for Real Estate Companies

Agile and compliant contracting for Real-Estate Enterprises

  • With the growing complexities of the real estate landscape where the infrastructure and related sectors are inter-twined, a digitally centralized platform to manage the multitude of contracts and the related documents is becoming a need of the hour where every real estate deal is different - be it with a customer, an agent, bank, investor or real-estate developer’s vendor and supplier.
  • The real-estate laws are ever changing with the demands of the economic climate conditions which even require the entire contract management process to be agile and robust focusing on the compliances, obligations, clauses, risk, and contracts volume, insight into costs, yield, and occupancy to thrive in the competitive real estate industry.

Key contract management challenges faced by real-estate enterprises:

 Managing contracts across stages

Managing contracts
across stages

like drafting and executing compliant contracts, reviewing old contracts, while executing new deals
Obligation & compliance requirements

Obligation &
compliance requirements

being fulfilled by having insights into yield, occupancy rates, costs and obligations that need additional tracking
Centrally storing all contracts

Centrally storing
all contracts

with the supporting documents, easy to access on the go can be a differentiator between winning and losing a deal
Administrating contracts


with time-sensitive due dates. (e.g., expiries, renegotiation, extensions, or terminations to avoid penalties)

How AI-powered CLM solves
these key challenges:

Ease of new contract request

Ease of new contract request
with AI guiding through non-legal users for different contract types like request portals, CRMs, ERPs

Full visibility of contracts

Full visibility of contracts
at different stages across the platform through dashboards, alerts and reminders for follow ups

Configured contract template and clause library

Contract template and clause library
reduces the drafting time for simple or complex agreements with AI triggered clause suggestions

Dynamic and standard workflows

Dynamic and standard workflows
with multiple reviewers and approvers for parallel redlining and negotiation accelerates contract closures

Centralized contract repository

Centralized contract repository
that maintains all the contracts for future administration for any audit or compliance and reporting

Maintain positive

Post-award contract administration
For performance and milestones, obligation tracking, renewal and expiries of several contracts

Integrations to fast-track business operations



Fetch raw material prices from third-party index and augment third-party supplier data provider


Fast-track contract creation by originating contract initiation process directly from a sourcing event


Fast-track contract creation of sales contracts originating directly from
the CRM

the power of
AI-powered iContract

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