Merlin AI for Contracts

Get actionable contract metadata with Merlin AI. Efficiently & accurately.


What is Merlin for CLM?

Manual metadata extraction is extremely resource intensive and can be inaccurate. Once extracted, this metadata holds limited value and next to no insight.

Merlin AI automates metadata extraction and gives meaning to data. Now you can accurately extract metadata in a matter of seconds rather than days while being able to monitor risk associated with each and every clause in the contract.
What is Merlin for CLM?

With Merlin AI for CLM you have

Swift accurate metadata extraction

Swift & accurate
metadata extraction

Find, extract, and review significant contract information in seconds with the help of Artificial Intelligence
 Complete visibility into risk

Complete visibility
into risk

Automatically Identify and assess risk associated with each stage of the contract lifecycle
 Reduced time and effort

Reduced time
and effort

Focus on strategic negotiation and risk mitigation rather than manually finding metadata and risk areas in the contract

Speed, accuracy and insights, with Merlin AI for CLM

Focus on what matters

Focus on what matters

Merlin Contract Discovery gives you the data edge

  • Automate the manual metadata extraction process with a high degree of efficiency and process compliance
  • Increase operational use of information that was previously unreachable
  • Accelerated decision-making with the help of accurately captured data points

Keep contract risks at bay

Merlin Insta Review gives you visibility in hard to find risk areas

  • Automatically identify metadata, clauses and contract gaps
  • Benchmark data against organizations’ best practices, and highlight review score at the contract level
  • Get complete visibility into potential risks in your contracts along with suggestions to mitigate risk
Get everyone to participate

the power of
AI-powered iContract

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