Salesforce-CLM Integration Helps Global Relocation Management Firm Do Away With Manual Contracting Processes

About Company :

Global relocation management company that helps leading corporations around the world to relocate their employees, teams, and corporate workspaces strategically and seamlessly, using a people-first approach. The leading global relocation services provider offers moving, mobility, and relocation services. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, US, the company serves 165 countries across six continents and manages 80,000 locations.

Contract Management Challenges: 

Since the relocation services multinational works with many suppliers to support its clients across geographies, it signs and handles thousands of contracts. Some of the critical contracting challenges the company were:

  • All the contracts that were processed outside Salesforce were uploaded into Salesforce accounts manually.
  • No centralized contract storage repository. Each business unit had its own repository, some on shared drives, some in SharePoint, and some on Stores.
  • Lack of version control and negotiation tracking
  • No overview of current in-progress contracts
  • Increased requirements related to audit rights and business continuity plans

Key Outcome: 

  • Automate the entire process by integrating the CLM with Salesforce using the Salesforce app for Zycus.
  • Users could deploy a free text search tool for legacy contracts that would easily allow them to find keywords within clauses or even across entire documents.
  • Centralized contract gave a start to utilizing the tools, systems & AI within CLM to help better manage the business.
  • Centralized cloud-based storage for all its active and expired contracts.

To know more about how Zycus helped Global relocation management company achieve the key outcomes, please download the detailed Case Study 

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