Global Relocation Management Company Bids Farewell to Tedious Manual Contracting Procedures with Salesforce - CLM Integration

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Denver, Colorado

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About the customer

Based in Denver, Colorado, this company assists top corporations worldwide in relocating their employees, teams, and workspaces through a people-first approach. With a presence in 165 countries on six continents and managing 80,000 locations, they provide moving, mobility, and relocation services.

Relocation Services Company

Key Challenges

Manual Data

All the contracts that were processed outside Salesforce were uploaded into Salesforce accounts manually

Disparate Contract Data

No centralized contract storage repository. Each business unit had its own repository, some on shared drives, some in SharePoint, and some on Stores

Poor Contract Visibility

Lack of version control and negotiation tracking meant that no comprehensive overview was available for current in-progress contracts

Disruption in Business Continuity

The client had growing requirements related to audit rights and business continuity plans

Zycus iContract Solution for the Customer

Zycus has helped the relocation services company streamline their contract management process by:

Configuring Contract Request Processes

Enabled the client to move to an automated authoring environment by integrating the authoring and the signing processes as business requirements in the CLM solution

Enabling CLM and Salesforce integration

A replica of the CLM request portal was created within Salesforce, with an easy to use interface. This saved time by allowing users to complete contract requests directly from Salesforce


Enabled an easy request and rapid `first draft’ of standardized contract templates. This further streamlined authoring


All pre-existing contracts were migrated to a single source using AI based meta-tagging and relationship matching. Contract visibility was improved using free text search capabilities

Better Audits

Facilitated better contract audits, by ensuring all changes and versions of contracts were tracked in a centralized repository

Configuring Customized Reporting

The software was configured to automatically generate customized weekly and monthly statistics as per the client's needs

Streamlined contract initation for authors across several business units by reducing friction in the process

OCR conversion of migrated contracts enabled users to easily search for keywords within clauses or even across entire documents

CLM and Salesforce integration facilitated easy tracking of milestones, and contract performance, improving compliance and control

Reporting and post-award contract analysis were made hassle free with efficient data extraction, and timely alerts and reminders on crucial contract KPIs

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