StoneX Group, a global financial services network garners 5X growth in CLM users across sales, procurement and legal teams by adopting AI-Powered Zycus iContract

Customer Overview



Financial Services



New York, United States

key challenges

Global Presence

70 offices in 5 contintents

The Background

About the customer

A fortune-500 Global Financial Services Network Company operating since 1920s and connecting institutional and individual clients to 39 derivatives exchanges, 175 foreign exchange markets and nearly every global securities marketplace.

Key Challenges

Contract Initiation and Authoring

Improving the contract initiation and authoring process for requestors to achieve efficiency and productivity gains

Version Control Management

Track contract versions and access the negotiation history even after complete execution of contract

Searchable Repository for visibility

Organizing global sales and vendor agreements, vendor NDAs, etc to reduce time spent searching for contract information

Legacy and Third-party agreement Support

Optimize the contracting process of manually fed third party papers through electronic collaboration

Zycus iContract Solution for the Customer

Stonex’s Legal Operations team and Zycus experts outlined a plan to ensure a successful CLM solution implementation with:

Contract Intake Form, templates & workflows

For simplified contract request mechanism for multiple types and subtypes & defined 100+ internal templates with standard clauses

Streamlined Version Control and Negotiation History

Enables users within StoneX to maintain contract audit trails and compare versions for efficient negotiations during renewals

Configurable and role-based central repository access

Allows clean categorization, provides central overview of contracts, easy to drag and drop executed contracts into folders or sub-folder

Custom Reporting and Tracking

Efficient tracking of contract terms, dates, statuses and set alerts for important milestones such as renewals and expiries

Support for loading external agreements

Speedy and accurate conversion of all the necessary legacy contracts into CLM format with NLP algorithms and OCR integration

Easy search for contract information

Performs a quick search based on metadata and contract terms within seconds for a scale of thousands of contracts

User adoption scaled 5x to 500+ active users within 11 months of Zycus iContract go-live across Sales, Procurements and Legal

Empowered the stakeholders with standardized templates & workflows which increased accountability and removed redundancies

1000s of contracts have been authored, amended, and securely stored in Zycus CLM’s centralized repository for quick retrieval

Increased collaboration and productivity within StoneX with simplified and automated contract initiation process

Significantly reduced search time for key contract information through the fast and advanced search capabilities

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Key Outcomes with
Zycus iContract

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