Giant builds a massive centralized repository of 1,741 contracts using ultria’s AI-powered CLM

About Company :

Publicly traded, American motor carrier holding company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Is the result of the merger between two key transportation services companies. It is rated
the industry’s largest full truckload company; operating with an extensive fleet of roughly 19,000 tractors, 58,000 trailers, and employing 24,000 people. Company serves a wide
range of customers in an array of industries. The transportation major provides a full complement of truckload and logistics services throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Contract Management Challenges: 

The merger of two of America’s biggest transportation giants –resulted in the coming together of a long line-up of contracts. Besides, an array of user groups within the company were involved in the contracting process. They included the sales, legal, procurement, billing, admin, and the pricing team. This created several contracting challenges for the company:

  • Compelling need for a standardized Contract Lifecycle Management process
  • Lack of a centralized contract storage repository
  • The customer lacked standard templates and clauses
  • Need to enforce version control on contracts
  • Inability to electronically collaborate over the contracting process

Key Outcome: 

  • Move 1,200 legacy contracts to the Zycus iContract solution in June 2019. Since then, there are currently 1741 repository items available on system.
  • The integration that was created between Microsoft Dynamics and Zycus iContract allowed all contracting party accounts to be automaticallycreated in the system.
  • There are 1,080 current in-progress contracts.
  • Zycus created an integration with DocuSign, which allows users to easily sign contracts online.

To know more about how Zycus helped US-Based Transportation Giant achieve the key outcomes, please download the detailed Case Study 

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