CLM Transformation – Journey, not a Destination

Achieving digital nirvana is a priority for modern organizations. But, even as digital transformation becomes a critical part of boardroom agendas, enterprises are realizing that it’s best not to run headlong into the process. There are no big bang digital transformation experiences – it doesn’t happen overnight and requires a clear, long-term vision. Tech transformation is a continuous journey that is steered towards bringing changes and improvements across businesses.

A 2020 ACC study, The Legal Operations Maturity Benchmarking Report, found that most companies are in the nascent-to-intermediate stage of CLM maturity, especially in traditional legal areas like compliance. The digitization of data, repository management, and the structured workflows available in standard        CLMs prepare organizations for the next level of legal operations evolution –      that is driven by AI.

Download the Ebook to learn Graebel’s CLM transformation journey:

Contract Management Transformation Journey of our customer Graebel – a global relocation services provider.

  • CLM Maturity Model – As your process evolves, so should your CLM
  • Need for CLM Transformation – Challenges
  • The Road to CLM Adoption
    • Know your point of origin
    • Collaborate with key stakeholders
    • Capture use-case intricacies
    • Simplify processes and integration
  • Best Practices
  • Then and now – How a CLM solution transformed the way the Graebel managed its contracts

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