Contracts are a tough nut to crack. Staying ahead of risks can prove to be challenging for the best of organizations even when times are normal.

But with the waves of economic uncertainty that we are facing today – contracts are likely going to become much more vulnerable to risk, value leakage, and even termination. This is the time for legal teams to pause, recalibrate and redistribute their efforts and focus on ensuring they get the best value out of their contracts as they step into the new year.

This ebook is a comprehensive, one-stop guide for legal teams to help recession-proof their business:

  • What the recession means for Legal
  • SRB – A simple framework for legal teams to get the best value out of their contracts during an economic downturn
  • 6 Actionable steps with the help of which the legal team can help achieve this
As we get swept up into the headwinds of a recession, legal teams will have the unique opportunity to help their business stay afloat in uncertain times. Get your copy of the in-house legal team’s playbook for recession today to know how you can get started.

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