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Accurate first-hand information on how AI can transform contract management, more so from a practitioner’s point of view, is not readily available. Available research papers and technical documents on AI are not necessarily written with the legal and contract management professionals in mind.
At Zycus, we wanted share actual learnings from 100s of AI-specific engagements with clients who want faster, more accurate and future-proof contract management processes with Cognitive Contracting.
Aptly titled “Why General Counsels are Ushering in Cognitive Contracting, Now!”, this is a must-read book for legal & contract management practitioners that will take you down the AI road towards a cutting edge legal team with many actionable DIY frameworks. It is written in a conversational tone for easy reading with anecdotes and real-life stories that make it an enjoyable read.
Insights from General Counsels working at global enterprises have helped us put together this book. This book will be a valuable and fun read, as much for General Counsels overseeing thousands of global contracts and a young professional starting off their career as part of a legal team.

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