In this webinar titled 3 Ps of Contracting for GCs: Planning, Promise, and Pitfalls in 2023 – A panel of five eminent panelists from the legal industry got together to discuss their plans and priorities for the upcoming year.

The enriching panel discussion had many real-world, applicable takeaways for in-house legal teams. The top few are listed here:

  1. How legal teams will be investing their scarce time and resources in a time of economic uncertainty
  2. How you can align investments in legal with the enterprise’s overall strategy
  3. How are law departments seeing CLM impact legal operations beyond contracting
  4. Techniques for creating a compelling ROI for CLM investment
  5. How legal team composition will change as the economic uncertainty in the overall market grows
  6. Steps to take before deploying any CLM technology


  • Yesenia Santiago, Vice President Head of Legal Operations at Tel-Uni
  • Deisha Vazquez, Director of Legal Operations and Assistant Corporate Secretary at Benevis
  • Jonathan Johnson, Senior Legal and Business Operations Manager, Uber
  • Ari Kaplan, Legal Analyst & Principal, Ari Kaplan Associates
  • Richard Waugh, VP, Corporate Development at Zycus

Watch the webinar to know more about how you can optimize your contracting processes for 2023

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