Understanding Contract Management – Risks, Metrics and Emerging Technologies


Contracts hold crucial company information and managing them closely throughout their lifecycle is important to navigate away from risks. Managing contract performance and compliance requires constant diligence both pre- and post- contract signing.

Post-award contract management enables organizations to leverage assets by ensuring contract obligations and entitlements are met by both parties.

Emerging technologies, embodied in AI-enabled CLMs, empower organizations to identify and mitigate contractual risks, identify key obligations, and measure performance with greater visibility.

In this webinar, Zycus Co-Founder and EVP, Arthur Raguette, will talk us through the growing role of next-gen technologies in re-imagining contract management through advanced and intuitive metric driven risk and compliance management.

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    Topic: Artificial Intelligence: A Path towards Next-Gen Contract Management

    Speakers: Arthur Raguette – Co-founder and EVP, Zycus

    February 11th, 2020 | 2pm ET

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