Contract Management is not a one-man show. Organizations must introduce a collaborative culture of contract management and bring together all contracting functions such as Sales, Legal, and HR, on a common platform. CLM tool’s integration with other enterprise systems like CRM and HRMS allows for a much smoother and scalable contracting process and even speeds up the RoI. This integration is about bringing Contract Management To the edge of the Enterprise.

Yet Contract Management technology can and should extend past the intra-organizational stakeholders and to the trading partners—customers, employees, vendors, or partners—to allow them access to the contract information they need, when they need it, in the way that makes the most sense for them. This is how we take Contract Management Beyond the edge of the enterprise.

Watch the webinar recording / download the presentation file to learn about:

  • Creating a clean separation, while fostering a collaborative work culture among legal and non-legal functions
  • CLM’s self-service request portals for an enterprise’s contracting parties
  • The benefits of taking Contract Management beyond the edge of the enterprise

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    Topic: IACCM Webinar: Taking Contract Management Beyond the Edge of Enterprise


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