Session 2: ROI For Revenue – Multiply Contract Revenue With AI-Powered CLM


IACCM research suggests that organizations lose 9.2% of revenue every year due to poor contract management and oversight.

In the second session in the series of our ROI webinars, Arthur Raguette will shed light on the impact of automated, AI-driven contract management solutions on increasing both sell-side revenue while reducing revenue generation costs. He will elaborate on the role of AI in multiplying revenue through effective contract management and the resultant ROI from deploying these solutions.


Arthur Raguette

Co–founder & Executive Vice President, Zycus

Mr. Raguette is very passionate about the application of innovative technologies to solve real-world business problems with a strong emphasis on enterprise solutions. Arthur has more than two decades of experience in working in Information Governance domains across industries. Arthur’s prior technology passions included high-performance B2B middleware, SaaS deployed master data governance platforms and hybridized SaaS applications for HR, and Employee domains.

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