How mature is your organization’s Contract Management?

Zycus CLM Maturity Survey Report 2022

We have entered the era of the 4th Digital Revolution where technological advancements are constantly taking us by storm. Until a few years back, Contract Management was still lagging in the whole digitization movement. Next-gen technology powered Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions are the future of contracting and the sooner companies realize it, the more they are to gain from it. Automated contracting solutions make sure employees work more efficiently, contracts churn out faster, errors and risks reduce, and value and profits from contracts increase exponentially.

This is the first year Zycus is publishing a contract management survey report. In this detailed report, we have aimed to understand the psyche of our target audience and draw insights about where organizations are headed in the whole new realm of advanced CLM solutions. This report answers some key questions

  • What are the pain-points in handling contracts manually?
  • What are the most important metrics in contract management?
  • How mature is the CLM technology in today’s organizations?
  • What Artificial Intelligence advances are companies expecting in CLM?

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