According to the 2021 EY Law survey, a whopping 97% of General Counsels faced challenges when securing investments in legal technology. The same EY survey highlights that 41% of law departments lacked the data or expertise for making a business case for investing in legal technology. The challenge becomes acute for investments like CLM technology, which offers many non-financial benefits beyond the quantifiable hard dollar savings.

This whitepaper aims to enable legal teams to make a solid case for investment in CLM technology. This whitepaper has three sections. Section one focuses on the financial elements, while section two covers the non-financial elements of a CLM solution. And finally, the third section covers tips on how to combine both the financial and non-financial elements to make a strong CLM business case.

Download the whitepaper to learn about:

  • The Challenges in Making a CLM Business Case ·
  • Section I: Financial Elements of a CLM Business Case ·
  • Section II: Non-Financial Elements of a CLM Business Case ·
  • Section III Making the Business Case
  • How to prepare for next Steps

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