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Merlin Explorer personifies Zycus’s AI capabilities to navigate thousands of contracts with speed and precision for real-time data analytics and insight. It excels at searching data for the significant metrics and trends you can act on. 

“Merlin AI goes past the easy stuff and actually reads the content of paragraphs to find hidden issues”

– Director of Procurement, F500 Logistics Company


Some of the ways in which Merlin Explorer supports your Contract Management process are:

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Contract Extraction and Search are arguably the two must-have features for any Contract Management solution. Merlin Explorer excels at both – and at scale. When organizations deal with thousands of contracts, it is essential to accurately and quickly interpret the information and structure it based on hierarchy, affinity, format normalization, etc. This is where the software’s true Machine-based Learning can be a game-changer. 

Doesn’t matter whether you are working on a simple shared drive solution or even a CLM software. Merlin Explorer provides an edge to ramp up and extend the capabilities of your existing implementations with assistive and predictive features ensuring better ROI. 

Download this use case document to gain deeper insights into the functionalities of Merlin Explorer and the various ways in which it can streamline your company’s contracting process. Also, you wouldn’t want to miss what our clients have to say about our robust solution. 

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