Contract Lifecycle Management Software For Sales Teams


Boost the efficiency of your sales operations with Zycus' Integrated CLM solution

Exercise better control over your contracts with AI-powered iContract. Login and start authoring & managing your contracts in a whole new way.

Manage Contracts in a Whole New Way

Enterprise Contract Management. Simplified.

Avoid contract bottlenecks. Speed up sales.

Accelerate Contract Request

Ensure quicker contract generation with self-service contract request and touch-free contracts while avoiding legal process involvement for standard contracts

Get Better Customer Insight

Leverage the ability to go granular with the help of the Contract Repository, and get insights into customer behavior to hone approaches for up-sell or cross-sell.

Boost Sales Cycle

Guide contracts through a well-defined approval workflow, cutting down on the contract review-approval time. This means quicker contract signing, shorter sales cycle, and satisfied customers.

What sales teams can do with iContract

Yes, new requests can be generated directly from Salesforce and a number of other platforms such as Internal Request Portal, Outlook Request Portal, etc.

Touch-free contracts are standard contracts drafted with the help of smart CLM solutions, that Sales teams can directly send to the contracting party without having to go through legal teams first.

Yes, iContract makes contracting seamless and enables quick and remote contract processing by providing secure digital signatures option. iContract seamlessly integrates with Zycus' home grown eSignature solution Certinal as well as other solutions such as Docusign, Adobe Sign etc.

Yes, iContract makes it easy to check for contracts currently outstanding sign off, through personalized dashboards or comprehensive reporting tools.

Yes, to enable transparency and ensure increased accountability and quicker turn-around, you can view the internal owner of every contract.

Yes, Zycus' advanced CLM solution enables live tracking of all contract stages for around the clock contract visibility.

Yes, you can identify key contacts for high profile as well as standard contracts.

Yes, Zycus' automated contract management solution provides key contract data like upcoming expiries, renewals, payments, in advance through comprehensive, real-time dashboards, accessible from across devices.

Jumpstart Your Contracting Journey

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the power of
AI-powered iContract

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