Contract Lifecycle Management Software For Legal & Operations Teams


Monitor compliance risks, obligations & opportunities buried in your contracts

Exercise better control over your contracts with AI-powered iContract. Login and start authoring & managing your contracts in a whole new way.

Manage Contracts in a Whole New Way

Enterprise Contract Management. Simplified.

Mitigate Risks. Ensure Contract Compliance.

Identify Unfavorable Terms & Clauses

Identify hidden liabilities and accountability that have the potential to negatively affect the organization

Enforce Obligation Management

Track Milestones and Obligations for both the parties. Thus, helping to avoid Penalties and ensure timely Payment and/or Delivery, as per the defined Contractual Terms.

Mitigate Risk & Exposure

Pre-approved Templates and Clauses in the Contract Management Repository help users author error-free contracts. It further minimizes Business and Legal risks due to Miscommunication and Misalignment.

What legal teams can do with iContract

Yes, you have an option to edit, rephrase, or update pre-configured templates in MS Word.

iContract solution is constantly updated with any changes or updates to the existing regulations. It then identifies all older and legacy contracts in the centralized repository and automatically updates them with any new or updated regulations to ensure they stay compliant.

Yes, iContract allows you to assign role-based access to different stakeholders. You can configure whether or not a team member can view certain contracts and you can also configure clause / section based viewing rights for sensitive information within a contract.

iContract allows you to create multiple alerts and reminders with milestones for various metrics including contract utilization as well as contract compliance metrics.

Yes, with multiple reports made available and smart analytics to draw insights from vast contract data, you can measure and analyze projected total spend for the next year basis past data trends.

Yes, iContract's advanced authoring module captures details of every version and changes shared between the two parties.

Yes, Zycus provides advanced post-award contract management and analysis through comprehensive reporting and dashboards, real-time access to obligations and milestones concerning to both contract parties.

Yes, Zycus' automated contract management solution provides key contract data like upcoming expiries, renewals, payments, milestones through comprehensive, real-time dashboards, accessible from across devices.

Jumpstart Your Contracting Journey

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4 Pillars of Contract Compliance

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Designing a Robust Contracting Process

Discover how to design an efficient and future-proof contracting process for your enterprise

5 Steps to Realizing Value from Contract Management
5 Steps to Realizing Value from Contract Management

Minimize risks, improve efficiency and maximize value with effective Contract Lifecycle Management


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AI-powered iContract

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