Automated Contract Management Software

Automate your entire contract lifecycle management with Zycus iContract

What is iContract contract management software?

iContract is an automated contract management software that automates the entire contract lifecycle journey from initiating a request to performing renewals.

iContract helps easy collaboration across teams such as legal, procurement, sales and IT and maximizes contract utilizations while reducing risks.

What’s Your Contract Management Priority?

Faster Frictionless Contracting


Create workflows and negotiate with parties quickly
Secure Digital contracts

Keep Contracts

Store contracts in a centralized and secure repository and search them using keywords
Mitigate Risks


Gain visibility into unprecedented contract risks using actionable metadata and advanced analytics

Stay one step ahead with iContract Automated Contract Management Software

Fulfil your need for speed

Improve cycle times

Enable legal teams to be thorough without compromising the speed

  • Create complex workflows easily with no-code workflows
  • Author contracts quickly with geography and industry specific templates
  • Create contracts using familiar UI of Word with WordConnect

Have everyone to participate

Collaborate and negotiate securely in a safe environment

  • Accelerate contracts with parallel and ad-hoc reviews
  • Safeguard sensitive details with restricted access configurations
  • Negotiate effectively with audit trail support, side-by-side comparison and version tracking
Get everyone to participate
Single source of truth

Single repository

Store digital contracts on a single, secure platform

  • Allow access to contract data for the whole enterprise
  • Set up user defined contracts for smart contract warehouse
  • Search contracts, clauses or phrases using keywords

Stay on top of risks

Track contract obligations to utilization effectively

  • Get alerts and reminders for upcoming milestones
  • Drive savings with better compliance and contract utilization
  • Track obligations and their financial impacts
Get ahead of risks

Frequently Asked Questions About Contract Management Software

  • Effectively manage obligations and risks
  • Extract maximum value & ensure compliance
  • Reduce contract creation and negotiation cycle time
  • Increase stakeholder collaboration
  • Get granular visibility across enterprise-wide contracts
  • Avoid auto-renewals and contract leakages


  • Clause and template library
  • Simple and complex approval workflows
  • Audit trails to track contract versions
  • Unified request to renewal experience


  • Secure and centralized storage
  • Repository with multi-parameter search, dynamic reporting, and configurable dashboards
  • Seamless integrations with CRM and MS Outlook
  • Self-service request portal for the other contracting party


  • Configurable alerts and reminders
  • Contract compliance and obligations
  • Contract performance and revenue leakages
  • Risks across the contracts’ lifecycle

  • Identify the requirements for an automated contract management software
  • Create an RFP questionnaire based on your requirements and roll it out to vendors
  • Prepare a vendor scorecard based on their responses
  • Evaluate shortlisted vendors by participating in product demos

the power of
AI-powered iContract

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